About us

Hotels are seen by most as a rather specialised kind of business. They attracted several flourishing entrepreneurs and managers, however each are too busy creating successful of their hotels to write down regarding them. The academics and consultants involved with buildings seldom took on the task of explaining the hotel business to a wider public aside from teaching regarding it, writing articles in the press or reports for their clients..

The large and growing volume of books and websites on hotels appears to have taken several distinct directions. There are books & blogs devoted to the skills and techniques of particular hotel activities such as hotel reception, housekeeping, food and drink service and especially food preparation. Others area unit involved with accounting, marketing, personnel management, maintenance and other specialist functions of the hotel. There also are many economic and historical studies of the trade. Most of those and therefore the few dealing additional or less comprehensively with the building as a full nearly invariably embrace business activities outside hotels, instead of concentrating on hotels.

This website provides a simple and reasonably comprehensive outline rather than a detailed treatment of some or all aspects of the hotel business in depth.